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The coastline of Alicante province is so varied, you won't have time to get bored. Water - and alpine sports, family entertainment, festivals and traditions are available. An endless number of possible activities, making The Costa Blanca 'Your place to be!'


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If there is an activity for excellence in the Alicante coast that is diving.

Cleanliness and calm waters in this Mediterranean area make it one of the best destinations for the sport lovers. In the depths of Costa Blanca there are a variety of marine life, among which include posidonia banks, castanets and other native species of great value.


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If there is one emminently sports activity at the Costa Blanca, it is cycling and this on a professional or a touristic level.

The presence of important mountain passes such as the Carrasqueta, The Coll de Rates are making that the experienced cycling lovers can enjoy biking here. The other ones can enjoy tracks through the Sierra de Aitana.


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The hundreds of years of history of the Costa Blanca are reflected in the broad cultural heritage of this part of the Spanish coast.

Visit the various towns and monuments that form it is the best way to get into your story. El Huerto del Cura in Elche, Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante, Guadalest Palace or the Atalaya Castle in Villena are just a few examples of the great cultural heritage that can be seen on the Costa Blanca.


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The sea's influence is strongly reflected in the Costa Blanca's typical cuisine.

Fish and seafood predominate in most dishes, as well as another typical ingredient of this community: rice. To make a pilgrimage through all the coastal villages and savour the typical cuisine in each spot – such as arroç a banda (rice cooked in fish stock), caldero de pescado (fish stew) or fideuá (seafood noodles) – is a highly recommended luxury which few can experience.


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The excellent climate in this part of the Mediterranean, which is average 20 degrees per year is perfect for playing golf sports all year round.

One of the most popular is golf which attracts thousands of visitors to the Costa Blanca. With a 200 km coastline, Costa Blanca is the ideal setting for beautiful golf courses. Of which some are designed by the foremost professionals in this sport, players such as Severiano Ballesteros and José María Olazabal.


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The Costa Blanca has a long tradition of practising nautical sports, among which sailing is especially popular.

This sport requires skill, calm and a shot of adrenaline that makes it highly addictive. That's why those who sail say there is no greater pleasure than being at the tiller of a sail boat. On the Costa Blanca you can easily have a go at sailing, since its waters are ideal for it.


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Not everything is sea and sand on the Costa Blanca.

The interior of this Alicante region is rich and ideal for mountain sports. One of the healthiest pursuits is hiking, for which there are varied routes that take you into areas such as the Montgó Natural Park, the Sierra de Mariola or into the environment of Guadalest Reservoir. Experiencing the diversity of the Costa Blanca's natural landscapes first-hand is an unique privilege.