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Why You Should Buy Property for Sale in Calpe This Year

Curious about why you should buy the property for sale in Calpe you’ve had your eye on in this year? Have a look at this interview with Brian, a British ex-pat living in Calpe, Spain. 




Calpe was once a small fishing village that has transformed into a tourist hotspot without losing its old-school charm. It’s attracted a large number of ex-pats including our interviewee, Brian Whitmore. Brian is a Brit who, after initially investing in a property as a holiday home eight years ago, moved his family to Calpe permanently after falling in love with Calpe’s way of life. 


Our interview with Brian Whitmore

About Brian

Q: Where are you originally from, Brian?
A: I’m originally from London.
Q: Where do you live now?
A: I’m now living in Calpe, Spain.
Q: When did you move and who did you move with?
A: I moved to Calpe with my wife and two kids in 2014.
Q: What made you decide to relocate?
A: After visiting the country several times to stay in the holiday home I recently bought, it was easy to see that my family was a whole lot happier in Calpe. The lifestyle and climate suit us perfectly, and it wasn’t that hard of a decision to make at the end of the day.


About living in Calpe

Q: What is your favourite thing about living in Calpe?
A: There is just so much I don’t know where to start. The first thing that got me thinking about the move was the fantastic climate. I am not much for weather extremes, so although I was not too fond of the freezing British winters, I also knew I couldn’t live somewhere that was extremely hot. Calpe has a moderate/temperate climate that suits me perfectly. I thought “why not move somewhere that the family doesn’t feel like they have to escape from the cold every year.”
Q: How has your family dealt with the move?
A: My first consideration when looking for property for sale in Calpe was my two kids, as at nine and 14 both of them were very settled at school, had a good group of friends and clubs that they liked to take part in. However, before we moved we took them to a few schools in the area and both of them liked what they saw, they are now both at excellent international schools and have made some great friends. There is also a sports club that my daughter Charlie takes part in, and a great guitar teacher in town for Michael to get lessons from. My wife is also thrilled here with yoga classes, and the beach is a big part of her everyday activities.
Q: With regards to entertainment – what are the options?
A: I must admit that before we visited and while I was still looking for property for sale in Calpe, I was afraid that there would be little in the way of entertainment, but I was pleasantly surprised. Calpe has a big ex-pat community, as well as being a tourist hotspot, so there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from. Annually there are few big festivals that we all like to take part in, and on any given day you can have live bands on the streets or flamenco dancers winding their way between your tables as you eat. There is something for everyone here.
Q: What do you miss about the UK the most?
A: We aren’t left wanting for much in Calpe, and we can generally get all the food and other creature comforts that we enjoy at home. I would say it’s probably my friends and extended family, but luckily for us, Calpe is a short flight over from home and therefore it’s easy for us to visit them or vice versa. Two of my friends have ended up buying property here too, as a result of enjoying their visits to us as much.
Q: How does the lifestyle differ from that at home?
A: I can safely say that my family has never been happier with their lifestyle as they are now. The fast-paced lifestyle of London couldn’t be further away. We spend most weekends in the garden hosting friends around the pool or swimming off one of the fantastic beaches. The weather allows us to have a much more active and outdoor lifestyle than we ever had in the UK.
Q: Do you think that you made a sound investment by looking at property for sale in Calpe?
A: Oh, undoubtedly. Even if we hadn’t moved here permanently. We bought a property in Calpe for a fraction of the price that it would be in the UK. The first two years allowed us to use it as a holiday home and we got a great return on monthly rentals to tourists, and now we have a fantastic family home on the Mediterranean coast.


Reasons for living in Calpe

As Brian referenced in his interview with us, there are some compelling reasons for living in Calpe. 

The climate

The moderate/temperate climate along the Costa Blanca offers pleasant temperatures all year round that let you take advantage of the nice weather. You can spend a lot more time outdoors relaxing by the pool or at the beach than you ever could back in Britain. 

Proximity to the UK

The closest airport to Calpe is Alicante, and you can reach London in a little more than two hours. That makes it easy for your loved ones to come and visit for a holiday or you to pop back and see them at home. Airlines that service the airport include Ryanair and Easyjet, allowing for affordable fares. 

Affordable properties

As Calpe property agents, we’ll tell you that the value you can get from the properties here is impressive, especially when compared to more expensive areas of the United Kingdom. You’ll also see significant savings in many parts of your cost of living when compared to back home, making a case for relocating fantastic. 
These are just some of the myriad of reasons to choose to purchase a property in Calpe. If you are thinking of investing in property overseas, then it’s clear to see that Calpe is a great choice. Contact us to have a look at our diverse portfolio of property for sale Costa Blanca, and you are sure to find something perfect for you and your family.

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