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Traditional Spanish food your family will love

Whether you’re heading to the bright lights of Barcelona, marvelling at the architecture of Madrid, set for a relaxing retreat out in the countryside or looking for some sun and sand along the Mediterranean coast – a holiday in Spain is simply not complete without trying out the most famous Spanish delicacies


No matter where you are visiting in Spain, trying out some of the much loved traditional Spanish food should be a huge priority. Spanish cuisine is world famous, and each dish is unique and packs a punch full of spices and flavour, and coupled with a fine Spanish wine or sangria (for the adult, of course) you are sure to delight your taste buds.

These are our favourite dishes in traditional Spanish food that we know the whole family will enjoy:




There is no traditional Spanish food that is better suited to summer than the delectable dish of Gazpacho. This decadent delight is made from the freshest, ripest tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, cucumber and bread. This mixture is then blended into a silky smooth concoction that is then chilled and served. This summer soup hails from the Andalucia region, where it is served throughout summer – you won’t find a tapas bar without a jug on the counter for you to sample. This is a delicious, fresh summer treat that the whole family is bound to enjoy.




Probably the most famous of traditional Spanish food is the paella. Most popular in the Valencian region, where the main ingredients include chicken or rabbit, saffron, runner beans and butter beans and of course the star of the dish which is rice. However, it has been cooked and adapted all over Spain and along the coast, you are most likely to encounter paellas made with the freshest of seafood such as prawns, crabs and fish. This is a great family meal and a hugely social situation where huge pots of paella are cooked outside restaurants, and the whole neighbourhood comes together to take part. Your entire family won’t forget a genuine paella in a hurry – we can assure you of that.


Tortilla Española


Probably the most essential of traditional Spanish food is the tortilla Española, but what it lacks in complexity it makes up for in flavour. Made simply out of egg, potato and onions – a Spanish omelette is packed a punch in the delicious department. The potatoes and onions are fried slowly, and the egg is then added and cooked. That’s it. However, some places add a little more to their tortillas (even though the purists may disagree) and everything from courgettes and tomatoes to chorizo and ham can be thrown in to make it extra chunky. This dish is one that your entire family is bound to love.



Cochinillo asado

Segovia is home to many things – ancient Roman aqueducts, crumbling castles and beautiful cathedrals. It is also the home of Cochinillo asado, which is certainly not vegetarian-friendly. A suckling lamb or pig is roasted in massive wood-fired ovens and what comes out at the end of the process can only be described as perfection. Tasty, crispy, salty skin and meat that is so tender that it can be cut apart using the side of a plate. This is the undoubtedly one of the most delicious dishes in traditional Spanish food that you are your family are going to taste on your visit.



If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then this one is certainly for you. Although this treat is mainly eaten over Christmas time in Spain – it can be found throughout the year. It’s primarily produced in Jijon, a small town in Alicante using local produce. What exactly is it? It is a delectable almond nougat that is pretty much the most delicious nougat that you are likely to taste. This is a tasty treat that the whole family is bound to love – and certainly one of our favourite dishes in traditional Spanish food.



No visit to Spain is complete without taking part in the smorgasbord of flavours that accompany virtually any Spanish dish, and we would highly recommend trying all of the traditional Spanish food mentioned above.

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