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Top picks when travelling in retirement

Regardless of whether you’re sitting in a small cubicle, or a spacious corner office, there is no doubt that you’ve dreamt (and hopefully saved) for life after work, when you’re free to travel without having to worry about running out of leave days, coming back to a desk full of work and an irate boss, or adjusting back to the routine of a busy work-family life.


Retirement is your time to get away and explore, and in the process, enhance your life, by stimulating and rejuvenating it through the pleasure of travel. And the best part is that your travel can fit in with your life, and not something that may only come about once a year.

But where to go, and what to do? Depending on how well you have saved for your retirement, and the means to travel at your disposal, there are several destinations that are specifically geared towards those travelling in retirement.

Two important things to keep in mind when travelling in retirement are to do so during the off season (i.e. mid-week and off-peak), and to be mindful of your expenses if you’re on a fixed-income budget. You’re not tied down by school holidays or work commitments, so you are able to pack-up and go whenever you please, however it is advisable to do so during off-peak times. Keeping this in mind, take a look at these top five retirement picks:


Go on a road trip


Taking a mid-week road trip is an exciting, yet affordable short holiday. By travelling in your own car you’re saving on travel expenses (flights or hiring of vehicles) and you have the luxury of taking your time – exploring all the road-side attractions at your own leisure. And, if you are feeling really adventurous, you can even venture into another country!


Cruise the seven seas


There are dozens of cruises across the globe that cater specifically those in their later years. The benefit of going on a cruise is that there is limited travelling/ sightseeing required on your part – allowing you the time to relax and socialise with other like-minded retirees.


Enjoy your time by travelling in retirement


Learn something new


Learning-vacations abroad are popular among those travelling in retirement, and range from cooking classes in France to wine appreciation tours in South Africa. There are so many things to discover and learn now that you have the time on your hands, all that remains is finding the perfect match for you.


Sunbathe on an exotic beach


There are many stunning coastal cities ideal for sea-side holidays. Some towns are even geared to catering for retirees, with resorts offering special rates and facilities. These types of vacations are perfect for relaxing in the sun with all the benefit of the luxuries of home.


Relocate to a distant destination


If one of your dreams for travelling in retirement is relocating to another city or country, then you are not alone. Many retirees have made the investment in property in various holiday hot-spots and retirement destinations across the globe, such as Thailand, the Philippines and Calpe in Spain. This option may make vacationing more affordable, where you aren’t bound to expensive hotels and meal costs. You can either choose to rent or own property for sale in Calpe, for example, allowing the year-round option to vacation in a destination that has special meaning to you.

By owning property in your favourite getaway spot you are also able to set up a base to travel to other destinations without incurring unnecessary costs associated with travel. In addition when you are not vacationing, you are able to rent out your property for extra income. So if you want to explore Spain at your own pace, buy that property for sale in Calpe, so that you can do it bit-by-bit. And, who knows you may just retire there permanently!



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