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The Best of Spanish Food: Delicacies by Region

Spain is famous for its incredible beaches and the azure Mediterranean waters that flank its coasts; it’s famous for fiestas and siestas, its flamenco dancers and delicious wine; and, of course, Spain is famous for its delectable cuisine.


Spanish food differs from region to region, and many of the dishes have been formed and influenced by the various explorers and immigrants to the country throughout the ages. The cuisine is also largely dependent on the natural bounty that the earth provides, with the northern part of the country being an excellent place for livestock, and the seaside regions producing more fish and seafood.

These are just some of the most famous dishes that have been influenced by the region that they have evolved in:




Long considered inferior in most Spanish food lists, the cuisine in Andalucia is an underappreciated one. Set along the beautiful coastline, Andalucia ensures that visitors and locals alike have a steady supply of freshly caught fish and seafood – sardines grilling on a beachside barbecue is a common sight.

Andalucia is also the perfect terrain for bringing up pigs, and many of their most famous dishes are pork based – the region is famous for its beautiful cured ham varieties. The region was also under Moor rule for around 800 years and this has drastically affected the cuisine in the region, with kebabs, meatballs and spices a lasting legacy in the region.




Asturias is without a doubt one of the most famous regions in Spain when it comes to traditional Spanish food. There are around 30 different apple varieties grown in Asturias and this has resulted in the production of some of the country’s best cider. The region is famous not just for consuming the cider as a tasty drink but also for its delectable cider based dishes such as Chorizo in cider.

More than anything though, Asturias is known for its unbelievably delicious cheeses. Almost every valley or mountain in the Asturias makes its own cheese and thus, the region has one of the widest cheese varieties in the world. The most famous is the three milk cheese made from a combination of cow, sheep and goat milk that results in a distinct and delightful flavour.




Madrid is an eclectic melting pot of flavours from all around the country, and you are as likely to find delicious and hearty meat dishes as you are light and zesty fish and seafood dishes. The trick is finding the right place to taste the best that the city has to offer – asking the locals is your best bet.

Breakfast is a big affair in Madrid and one of the must-dos while in the city is ordering a Churros Con Chocolate, which consists of deep fried pastry strips, rolled in sugar and then dipped in a thick, delectable chocolate. While you may not be doing your waistline a whole lot of favours, your taste buds will be forever grateful. In fact, we bank on you loving them so much that you will want to make them at home.




The vast region of Valencia is home to drastically varying landscapes with undulating green hills making way to ragged, dry mountain ranges and then onto the turquoise waters of the Med.

The region is the home of the orange – orchards of this citrus fruit can be found all over the province, and it has certainly made its way into many of the region’s most favourite dishes. Sorbet and salads use oranges frequently and many hot dishes are either cooked in an orange based sauce or served with an orange reduction.

Paella is undoubtedly the most famous Spanish food around and this dish originally comes from the region of Valencia, and thus some of the most delicious paellas can be found here. The rice is soft and fluffy with the perfect amount of saffron, the fish or meat is always tender and sometimes noodle-based paellas can even be found.

If you simply love Spanish food and would like to explore it more from Spain itself, why not look at buying a home in the country whose cuisine you appreciate so much – that way you can enjoy it every day. If you are looking for property for sale in Calpe or in the Costa Blanca region, contact us to have a look at some of our property portfolio, as well as to get some expert local knowledge on the best food in the region.



Image credit: C & J Travel

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