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The best family holidays on any budget

Society is such that our jobs have a way of creeping into all aspects of our lives, stealing time from our social lives and even those hours we should spend with family


This makes it difficult to find the time to really appreciate our loved ones. Taking time out, in the form of family holidays, is often the only way to really bond – the unfortunate thing is that they usually only come about once a year, and even this is dependent on cash flow.

We all seem to be working harder, but finding the money to enjoy a dream holiday can be difficult. However, this time together will bring you closer as a family, and could also help with work stress and fatigue. But where in the world should you and your family spend your precious moments together?

Regardless of your budget, there are many destinations, both local, short haul and long distance that will see you and your family enjoying some of the best family holidays of your lives. One thing to always keep in mind in planning any holiday is that you shouldn't expect a bargain. This does not mean there aren’t ways to budget and save on certain expenses. The most important thing isn't that you are saving money, but rather that you are getting value for money, and that everyone has a fabulous time.


Our top three holiday hot-spots on any budget


When deciding on where and how you are going to go, and to maximise your budget, timing in everything. Book either very early, or at the last-minute. This way you are likely to pick up great deals and specials. With this in mind, here are our top suggestions for the best family holidays for 2016:


Play in your own backyard – Scotland


The great thing about traveling locally, is it is easier to do so any time of the year. In Scotland, summertime is festival time in Edinburgh. If you are looking for a cost-effective holiday for the family, then Edinburgh offers several festivals (which take place throughout August) with hundreds of shows for you and the kids. Not only is this a stunning holiday location, but it offers the option to explore and spend time together with minimal cost.




Cruising the Caribbean – Costa Rica


On the opposite end of the spectrum are the family holidays that take you to far-out exotic places. These often require more time to save, but are doable (less often). Costa Rica for one, crams a rich variety of wildlife adventures into one conveniently small geographical package. A great adventure for the whole family, you are able to cruise the canals of Tortuguero on the Caribbean, trek the rainforest of Corcovado and explore the reefs of Caño Island. Specialised tour packages are available – however if you are budgeting, it is suggested that you plan and book independently to avoid excessive handling costs.


Europe on a budget – France and Spain


If you are looking for one of your best family holidays ever, then look no further than mainland Europe. By keeping it short haul – not only do you avoid a long journey, but you keep travelling costs down, meaning more ice-cream for the kids and sangria for you when you get to places like France and Spain.

Whether your family loves city tours, the great outdoors or Mickey Mouse, France has it all on tap. Best of all, it’s just across the channel!

Spain is equally accessible and offers stunning coastal resorts along the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. Lined with hugely popular beaches and a wealth of family-focused entertainment options, this holiday destination is just two to three hours from the UK. Food and drink is relatively affordable too.

The trick with this type of holiday is, because of the ease of access, to always have a place to stay – making planning that much easier and more cost effective. In places such as the Costa Blanca there are great villas in Calpe that are on offer at excellent prices. It’s also a destination you and your kids will want to keep returning to, so to make even more memories.


For more on best family holidays and advice on visiting Costa Blanca, (and even buying one of those dream villas in Calpe), contact us.


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