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Renting Holiday Homes in Your 20’s vs. Your 60’s

Renting a holiday home is a great alternative to staying at a hotel or renting a room in a flat, as it often allows more people to stay together and works out a whole lot more cost-effective.


However, as we get older our choice in holiday destinations, financial situations and physical health often changes beyond recognition. Thus, it makes sense that we have different opinions when renting holiday homes in our 60’s to those we had in our 20’s.

These are the factors that you should consider when renting a holiday home in your 20’s vs. your 60’s:




It’s no secret that our ideal holiday destination changes and evolves as we get older (and hopefully a bit more mature). Before jetsetting across the globe, you need to consider what it is that you are looking for in a holiday destination.

In your 20’s, Ibiza or Las Vegas may have been pretty great choices when it came to a great holiday, however, things will probably look a bit different in your 60’s. Quieter holidays are more popular with the older generations, and this means places that are often smaller and more cultural. These are some of the most popular travel destinations for over 60’s from Responsible Travel.


Physical Health


While this point may seem a bit strange – physical health will have a massive impact not just on where you rent a holiday home but also what kind of holiday home you rent. The first consideration should be healthcare facilities in the region/city where you are renting. In your 20’s you are generally fit and very healthy, whereas in your 60’s things start to slip a little more – it’s unlikely that a major hospital should be within your list of conditions when you’re in your 20’s but in your 60’s a high-quality medical facility nearby is simply a must-have.



Our leg strength and balance also deteriorate later on, and therefore, it’s wise to change from renting houses that are more than one or two stories, as it’s more than likely you are not going to be able to handle too many cases of stairs in the next couple of years. Rather look for a home that is one level and easy to move around in.


Financial Stability


Your 20’s are usually the most financially unstable times in your life. You will have a starting salary and are most likely paying off numerous debts such as student loans and vehicle financing – this means that money will probably be tight. So, when renting a holiday home you are likely to be on a relatively strict budget and renting holiday homes may be a little less glamorous than you would hope.

However, in your 60’s you have worked for many years and hopefully you would’ve made some sound investments, saved some money and are now free of debt. This means that renting holiday homes will be more affordable and you can choose a property as luxurious as you would like (although keep in mind that you no longer have a steady income in your retirement).

Renting holiday homes is a great way to keep within a budget when you are travelling, and more often than not they will be cheaper than most hotels. Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Britons and the Foreign, and Commonwealth Commission estimate that 12 million Britons visit Spain every year.

If you visit Spain year after year to get your fix of sunny days, sandy beaches and delicious food – then buying a holiday home would undoubtedly be a great investment. Have a look at our property for sale in Calpe and contact us for expert, local advice on the ins and outs of the Spanish property market.


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