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Real Estate Marketing 101

You might have prime real estate, but do you have a leadingreal estate marketing strategy? If you think a clear and navigable website will suffice, then it’s time to re-evaluate and refresh your marketing strategy.




You might have prime real estate, but do you have a leading real estate marketing strategy? If you think a clear and navigable website will suffice, then it’s time to re-evaluate and refresh your marketing strategy. Our digital driven world has left an indelible impact on customers’ purchasing habits; they’re more knowledgeable than ever before, and make most of their purchasing decisions online.

When your customers search Google, they’re not only looking for homes to buy but also using an abundance of online information to find out about the area’s local community, crime rates and nearby amenities. By the time they visit a show house, they tend to know more about the area than the agent does.

To make sure your sales don’t plummet, you’ll need a real estate marketing strategy that defines your unique selling point and targets the right buyers. We recommend you reassess your website and content strategy, and highlight the goals you’ve set to maximise ROI. Feeling intimidated? Don’t worry, here’s a brief explanation to get you going:


Unique Selling Point


Defining your unique selling point (USP) will help you clarify your real estate agency’s unique vision and mission. You company’s values need to translate through to every facet of your business - from your business cards to you operating systems. If you want to have a competitive edge, you need to distinguish what sets you apart from other agencies. When it comes to slogans, do away with clichés like, “trusted, hard-working, and professional”. Consumers have heard these so many times they’ve become bland and boring. Don’t try to be “the best” - everybody does! Figure out what your strengths are and aim to be the best at those.


Target Market


With technology and inbound marketing, you can make your real estate marketing strategy so refined that it reaches your exact target market. This is very different to placing an advertisement in the paper for everyone to see. The most effective marketing creates personas i.e. semi-fictionalised target markets based on research, and creates content that immediately appeals to that specific market. To do this, you need to think about the kinds of consumers interested in real estate. For example, a young couple has different buyer needs to a bachelor or family. If you know who you’re appealing to, you can create suitable content for each persona.




How much thought have you put into your website? Remember, most consumers search online using their mobiles and you'll need to ensure your site is mobile friendly. It should translate into a smaller interface without losing its overall design. You should also have a good domain name and make sure that your SEO ranking is optimised. If a consumer types in a general Google search, you ideally want your website to rank first on the list. This part of your real estate marketing strategy can be challenging without the know-how, but you can always hire a professional to iron out the details.




The days of hard selling are past. Current trends indicate that businesses that engage and connect with their audiences through relevant brand stories on appropriate topics are much more successful. Do you know what kind of content appeals to your different buyers? For example, a retiree might have more time to listen to a podcast, whereas a young working professional might only have time to glance over a punchy infographic.


Goals and Metrics


With the help of inbound marketing and automation technology, you can track the effect of each marketing action, from the moment an anonymous visitor converts into a known lead, up to the point of purchase. Because of this, you’re able to constantly assess your real estate marketing strategy to maximise its potential and reach the right buyers.

It’s always a good idea to relook your tried-and-tested marketing tactics and refresh your strategy with some new techniques. For detailed strategy advice, we recommend downloading our ebook, The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Marketing, to up your game with savvier sales techniques. Being online also presents the possibility of becoming a global agency. If you’re thinking of expanding your foreign property portfolio then be sure to look at our popular property for sale in Costa Blanca.



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