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Property website design that will blow your mind and not your budget

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that more prospective property owners check out your website than will visit your office or even a show house.


Does this concern you? Well it should, as your website is an important tool in marketing your property in the digital age. And effective marketing goes a long way in selling properties! Perhaps, the question that you should be asking yourself is, ‘does my website market my property effectively?’ If your answer is no, then you may want to consider a property website design that does.

Property is both an expensive and valuable purchase, and as such, prospective owners want to know as much about a property and do as much research as possible before taking down the ‘for sale’ sign. All of this information is (or should be) readily available on ones computer with a few clicks of the mouse. But how you present this information to prospective buyers could be the difference between making that sale or not.

Sophisticated designs, details on property such as photo galleries and map locators, and that personal touch go a long way in enhancing the property you have to showcase online. Consider these three property website design ideas that will have you, and that prospective home owner, sold – without costing you a fortune on design!


The reliable look


Many of the modern estate agency websites on the net embody sophisticated and graphic-centric designs. This is simply because estate agents want to convey a message that they’re reliable and well-established – and will therefore offer property that is the best on the market. By presenting your property in a sophisticated or more classic website design, you will send the message to prospective clients that they should take you seriously, and that the service you are offering is a reliable one. Most new property websites tend to stay away from the sleek, modern theme.


Property website design that will blow your mind


Going the extra ‘mail’


As an estate agent you will know well the value of that personal relationship you establish with your clients – they respond to this and it is the type of personalised marketing that sells your properties. So why should your website be any different? Your site should enable users to specify certain property criteria, and then be notified, via email, when new properties are added that match their specified criteria. All it takes is a little setting up of the various criteria, and populating it on a regular basis – i.e. keeping your website current, and visitors returning.


An online showcase


A visual site is a must with plenty of photo galleries and walk-through videos. These allow website visitors to see what properties look like without having to leave their home. In addition, by having easy-to-search criteria, as mentioned above, as well as property locator features such as location maps, price ranges, local amenities in the area etc. finding that ideal property is made so much easier. For example, a visitor may be searching for property for sale in Calpe, Spain, but are in the UK – they want to know everything, down to the street-view of the property they are viewing. It is important that your property website design incorporates this.

Finally, one thing to always remember when conceptualising your property website design, is that your site should serve your visitors well. If they save time or money, or gain something useful from your site that may not be available via other sites, then they are more likely to return. For more on the latest property website trends, and a showcase of property for sale in Calpe, contact us.


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