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Selling a Property: Main USPs

The internet has revolutionised the way customers buy a property. They’re empowered, immune to traditional advertising and often block direct marketing messages. Currently, the vast majority of consumers base their purchasing decisions on independent online searches.


marketing usps

With the internet, the way consumers buy property has changed radically. With most consumers basing their ultimate purchasing decisions after looking up options online, today’s digitally driven environment calls for an ever-evolving marketing strategy to keep up with your ever-evolving customers.

Now more than ever, property marketing requires you to define your unique selling points (USPs) and determine your exact target market with the utmost precision. Your potential buyers aren’t merely interested in how much did a property sell for when searching for their next home to purchase. They’re browsing for information about the local community, schools, hospitals, crime rates, and a host of other details that will hold sway over their final purchasing decision. They’ll likely know more about the area than you do when they arrive to look at a show home.


How to sell a property quickly with a marketing strategy containing USPs

The first step that comes with launching your property marketing plan is to assess and clarify what makes your real estate business unique. Your unique selling points (USPs) must communicate precisely why your business is different to all your competitors to attract users in the online space. What is a marketing USP exactly? A USP is a trait that runs through every facet of your business – from your website to your logo to your marketing strategy. Your brand positioning elevates your marketing strategy and attracts like-minded customers. You might have the most competitive properties, but without good USPs, you’ll lose potential clients

So, how can you execute an effective marketing strategy and offer an experience beyond answering the question, what are the documents required to sell a property? We recommend you consider the following as you develop your USP in your marketing plan:


Limit your Appeal

Most successful businesses and brands cater to a specific target market. For example, Nike focuses specifically on athletic apparel and footwear, not on sandals and high heels. You should follow their lead and hone in on your target market. You should aim to connect strongly to a group of people and not half-heartedly connect with everyone. 


Define “Being the Best”

How many times have you heard a property marketing strategy say, “we’re professional, work hard and deliver the best service?” Most businesses are! It seems redundant to claim you’re the best when everybody’s saying the same thing. Discern what makes your business stand out from the rest and become the best at something that no one else is attempting to be.


Do Away with Clichés

Clichés are the death of innovation. Words like, ‘trust, excellence, quality, experience and customer service’ should be a prerequisite, not a selling point. These words are bland and boring in the business world. If advertising were your business’s wrapping paper, these words would be a flashy, kitschy design. Customers are now so accustomed to outdated catchphrases, and they probably will gloss over them and not pay them any mind. 


Make it about your Customers

There’s no gold star for having years of real estate sales experience. It may sound harsh, but saying “you’ve been selling real estate since 1985” doesn’t tell your customers about your values and strengths as an enterprise or how your business offering stands out. As consumers look into the cost of selling a property and the right partner to trust, you must let your customers know what you offer and why they should do business with you.


Ask yourself the Right Questions

To find your ideal property marketing USPs, you have to figure out what points offer you a distinctive edge. An effective way of arriving at this is to determine your strengths and values. Ask yourself what you’re good at, what matters to you in life and business, which types of real estate is profitable for you to sell, and what kinds of customers do you want to serve. These answers will help you position yourself. If you’re struggling to answer them yourself, you can always reach out to your customers to gain further insight.


Study your Competitors

A helpful exercise to aid you in setting yourself apart from the local market is to study your competitors. Run a Google search and see how they present themselves and use different content formats for marketing your property listings. If you’re feeling bold, you could even pretend to be a customer and ask why you should do business with them. 


The One Sentence Wonder

Once you have enough insights, you need to come up with one sentence that encapsulates the qualities that set you apart. You must realise that this is a process and that nine times out of ten, you won’t come up with the perfect description the first time you go through this exercise. Work on refining your idea and get a copywriter to help you shape your approach.



What happens after you get your property marketing USPs and strategy?

When you’ve found your unique selling point or selling points, you’ll need to think about the other components of your property marketing strategy. To learn how to reach the right target market, create a compelling website, and measure your goals and metrics, download our ebook, The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Marketing. To truly distinguish yourself from local competitors, you should consider expanding your property portfolio and marketing property abroad. Why not have a look at our villas in Calpe for a taste of what’s possible?



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