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Interview with Jan Van Parijs (Seanest)

Jan is a entrepreneur and the councilor of tourism of Calpe. In this interview you'll get to know more about Jan and his real estate business: Seanest


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Jan is a entrepreneur and the councilor of tourism of Calpe. In this interview you'll get to know more about Jan and his real estate business: Seanest.

Jan is running a real estate business for more than 20 years and he knows the ups and downs of the industry. The work of Jan and his Seanest Team is a great example of success in the Spanish real estate industry.  Thanks to his daily efforts, he has managed to make Seanest one of the best real estate property agencies in Costa Blanca. 


1. Can you tell us about Seanest’s history?


It all started 20 years ago when I decided to start my own company after ten years working with building promoters. Providing the best and most trustworthy service to our clients is our philosophy.  


2. You recently changed the name of the company from Calpe Consult to Seanest, why did you decide to make this change?

A more international marketing orientation was the origin of the name change.


3. Has this change been beneficial for the company up until now? How so?


Yes it has. Since the name change our Company received positive responses from the international markets.


4. What has been the key factor in the company’s growth for the past 20 years?

The key factor for growth has been the referral of satisfied clients which can only be obtained with excellent service and especially after taking care of customers after sales.


5. What has been the biggest challenge that the company has confronted during these years?

The biggest challenge is to be stable in a very competitive market. We manage to earn the trust of buyers, just by being ourselves.

6. Do you have a project that you are particularly proud of?

Yes, the reform and sale of a hotel.

7. What does Seanest offer that people won't find in other Real Estate agencies?

We are transparent towards our clients. We offer a personal service after many years of experience. The main concern is happiness and satisfaction of the customers.

8. Apart from managing Seanest, you are also the Councillor for Tourism in Calpe. How do you balance both jobs?

Being a councillor for tourism or being a manager of Seanest are the same tasks but on a different level. In both positions you need to take care of incoming markets, individually and in general.

9. Can you describe a normal work day for you?

I start my day with a one hour walk, after all my meetings, I then switch over to Seanest and help to solve sales and assist wherever I am needed.

10. To conclude, what are the next challenges or future plans for the company?

Recuperate  the German tourism market and consolidate French, Belgian and English market.


Seanest is a real estate agency on Spain’s Costa Blanca coastline that specialises in property in Calpe. Contact us for more information on the Spanish real estate industry and have a look at our blog for more insights and advice on retirement budgeting, buying property in Spain and the great Spanish lifestyle.


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