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How to Market Your International Property Portfolio

It’s absolutely no secret that having international property in your property portfolio is a great investment choice, and we see more and more estate agents diversifying out of their local market to target property overseas.



It’s absolutely no secret that having international property in your property portfolio is a great investment choice, and we see more and more estate agents diversifying out of their local market to target property overseas.While this could certainly be the crowning jewel in your property portfolio, international property (or targeting overseas buyers) is a completely different ball game to your everyday property dealings, and you should have a plan in place to ensure that you are marketing your property portfolio in the correct way.

If you have an international property section in your property portfolio, then you need to adjust your marketing strategies in order to target the correct market and make sure that your marketing strategy is effective for the area or clients that you are targeting.

The following steps are based on this article from Blueprint Effects, which outlines the formula to follow to make sure that you are using the correct marketing techniques for international properties and audiences.


Step 1: Identify your target audience


This should always be the first step in any marketing strategy and one that you have to get right to ensure that your international property portfolio is a success. You will have to be clear on the following things:

Are you marketing international property to local clients?

Or are your marketing local property to international clients?

Making this distinction is important to ensure that you truly understand what marketing strategy you need to employ to make sure you are getting the best out of your property portfolio. If you are marketing international property to local clients then you should already have a solid understanding of the audience that you are marketing to, and you also need to know the destination that you are trying to promote better than your clients do.

But if you are marketing local property to international clients, then you will have to do a lot of research into what your particular market audience is looking for in a property and know how to market it to that audience successfully.


Step 2: Localisation


When you are selling property you can’t just sell the floor plan of a building and the specifics of the property and hope that somehow it magically sells. To sell property you need to ensure that it has a story, that it gives something more to potential clients than just what it looks like.

If you are selling international property to locals then you need to know what they are looking for in a home, community and lifestyle. Does the area you’re selling in offer them these thing? Point out that the seaside is just down the road, that there is sunlight 300 days a year, that there is a good healthcare system and communication network. Think of all the things that your local clients would look for in a second home and use these factors to capture their attention.

If you are selling property in your area to clients overseas then you need to research and fully understand what your clients are looking for in a property in your area. Are there restaurants that cater to their ethnicity? Is it an immigrant friendly area? Are they looking for universities and schools for their kids? All of these things should be considered to ensure that you put out the right information to emotionally connect with your foreign clients.


Step 3: Your website and local languages


You need to make sure that your website is awesome and that it reflects your property portfolio to showcase its true potential. This article from Realtor Mag gives a breakdown of the essential things an estate agency website needs to have to ensure that you stand a chance at being successful.

If you are targeting an overseas audience then you need to ensure that you have the option on your website for it to be translated into the local language, to make it easier for potential clients to understand exactly what it is you do.


Step 4: Keeping your client avenues open


It’s not enough to merely sell a property to one client to make your international property portfolio a success. Once you have established an avenue that works, ensure that you stick with it. This may mean getting partners overseas that deal with your foreign clients and who know the property laws in the country that you are selling in.

Have a structured sales process that makes sure leads are turned into sales consistently, ask for client feedback, keep a formula that you know works and, most importantly, keep up to date with new technological advancements in the property industry and how they can help you evolve, grow and market your international property portfolio.

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