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How to allow your Calpe property to sell itself to your clients

For many years Britons have made Spain their summer holiday destination of choice and have discovered the property investment potential, especially when buying Calpe property


Calpe property


This has had developers flock to the region to cash in on the property boom. As an estate agent selling property in the region, there’s not a lot you have to do, as the destination literally sells itself. However, to maximise and build on sales, we have put together a few tips on how to make your sell just that much easier.


Take a trip to beautiful Costa Blanca


Take this trip not just for the beautiful scenery, but also so that you can get to know the location in which you are selling property. Get to know it as well as if it were in your own back yard.

Calpe is a busy coastal town with a combination of fine beaches, mountains, and low rolling hillsides that offer many possibilities for finding properties with sea views. There are so many great locations, making the decision of where to buy can be somewhat challenging. As an estate agent it is your job to identify all the pros and cons of buying a property in a specific area and make sure that you list them with each property. For example, one property may be close to tourist attractions, while another is near major shopping centers. One property may be suited to a specific client because of certain factors, while another suited to someone else. By listing all of these ‘value-adds’, you will assist in the property selling itself.

When listing your next Calpe property, ask yourself these two questions about the property. By providing well-informed answers you can better sell.


Who are you selling to?


People buy property for different reasons, it is one of your first jobs to ascertain what those reasons are. For instance, an investor may want one of the many villas in Calpe which might be close to tourist attraction and the beaches, so to attract more holiday makers. While the family man may want a larger property closer to amenities such as shopping centers.


What are the property’s benefits?


Once you have identified your clients’ needs giving them what they want will be that much easier. By listing property with all its associated benefits, such as; ‘within walking distance from the beach’, ‘three bedrooms for the whole family’ and so on, you will be able to appeal to their preferences in terms of the livability of a particular Calpe property.

Finally, by having a partner like Seanest  - someone you can trust, and who will work well with you, you will help your property sell itself.

If you plan to expand your portfolio to Calpe property, or need advice on buying/ selling property in Spain (and specifically the Costa Blanca region) then Calpe is the right company to partner with. Their team searches for properties with unique locations that are exclusive and are of high quality. Ranging from villas in Calpe to bungalows, near the beach, Calpe can help you sell property for with the minimalist effort required on your behalf.

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