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Finding Purpose in Retirement: How to Live Your Retirement the Best Way

Not everyone has the same reaction to retirement and while some may be looking forward to it, others are dreading the moment they leave their office for the last time. The first bunch are more likely to set out finding purpose in retirement; they look forward to the free time they’ve never had before – enough time to relax, read, travel, or follow any of their other dreams. While the former dread not having a set schedule, they don’t see a point in finding purpose in retirement, rather they think of their lack of purpose and perpetual boredom that will come with so much free time


The truth is that retirement is exactly what you make of it, and those that set about finding purpose in retirement are much more likely to have a more enjoyable time. Their golden years will be filled with meaningful exchanges, enjoyable moments and new experiences. 

Here’s how to go about finding purpose in retirement: 


Learn something new


You are never too old to learn something new and retirement opens up a whole lot of free time that you never had before. It is an amazing opportunity to take the time to learn something that you have always wanted to – it could range from a new degree in a field you are interested in, to a musical instrument, or even a new language that you’ve always felt a fascination for. 

It’s the perfect way to keep your mind busy and to learn a new skill – and it is an important part of finding your purpose in retirement.


Help others or join a cause


Just because you are retired, it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to use your skills for something useful. A great way to keep yourself busy and help others is to mentor and offer advice to younger people who work in the same field as you did. Your experience and know-how could be priceless to them. 

Joining a cause is also something that will help you stay young and ignite your passion. Help out at a soup kitchen, walk dogs from the shelter, or do anything else that you feel strongly about. It will make you feel good and help others.


Get healthy


Retirement doesn’t mean that you should let your health slide, in fact, the exact opposite is true. The amount of free time that you will have now allows you to pursue exercise activities that you really love but may have previously been unable to achieve due to time constraints. Go kayaking, hiking or swimming – keeping your body in shape not only makes your body feel healthy but your mind too (not to mention some of the money it can save you on medical costs). 


Find your passion


One of the best ways of finding your purpose in retirement is to identify something that you are passionate about and either learn how to do it or simply spend more time taking part in it if you already know how. 

Find something that you don’t get tired of doing and something that makes you feel young. This could be learning how to paint, scrapbooking, exercising, or simply spending time with people that you love. Doing something that you are passionate about will make retirement feel more like a blessing and less like a bore. 


Travel the world



Finding your purpose in retirement could come in the form of travelling around the world, learning about new cultures, people, and languages. Seeing things that you only dreamed of while you had a full time job is something that many people don’t get to experience. 

Downsize or rent out your house and travel for long periods of time, truly immersing yourself in foreign cultures and ways of life. Moving abroad to a cheaper, more retirement-friendly country is also a great choice, as well as a great investment. 

Calpe in Spain is a popular spot for British retirees looking for somewhere warmer, cheaper and more laid back than the UK. With reasonable property prices, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine – it comes as little surprise that it’s a favourite spot for retirees. 

Have a look at our portfolio of villas in Calpe that are perfect for investment when looking forward to retirement. Check out our blog for advice, ideas and information on travelling to Spain, retiring in Spain, and all about the Spanish property market.


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