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Family-Friendly Property for Sale in Calpe

Moving abroad has long been an ambition for many Britons, but, it is one that is usually only achieved by retirees that have time on their hands, however, the reasonable price of property for sale in Calpe, as well as its proximity to the UK make Spain the perfect place to invest in a holiday home.


Family friendly


Calpe is situated in the southern regions of Costa Blanca, and it is a popular spot for expats to buy property. Costa Blanca is known for its stunning beaches and laidback lifestyle; the North’s landscape is characterised by dry rugged terrain that meets the beautiful coastline and it’s mainly populated by local Spaniards. The South on the other hand is a little bit cooler and green rolling hills run adjacent to the Mediterranean ocean and is incredibly popular with expats that have made the move to Spain.

Calpe is the perfect area to invest in a second home for holidays or as a home for those looking for something a bit more permanent. If you are looking for a family-friendly destination in Spain then you should consider the following factors (which will allow you to see just how perfect Calpe is).




The lifestyle in Spain varies from region to region with changes in geography, climate and city size all a consideration. According to this article from The Guardian, children thrive in nature and an outdoor lifestyle is hugely beneficial for their development, thus it makes sense to live somewhere that your kids can spend large amounts of time outdoors.

While big cities like Madrid may be tempting for a cosmopolitan lifestyle, it is likely that your children would benefit (and enjoy) living by a beautiful beach much more than a massive city. Towns like Calpe offer the perfect climate and outdoor activities for a wonderful lifestyle for your whole family.




Your next consideration should be the kind of property for sale in Calpe and what type you should invest in. Apartments and villas are the two most popular property types in Calpe and the one that you choose depends entirely on the size of your family, your lifestyle needs and obviously your budget.

For smaller families, or for those on a budget, an apartment would probably be the best investment choice. If you have a look at our apartments for sale in Calpe you will see that there are affordable and spacious poperties with sea views that are just looking to be claimed as a holiday home.

Villas on the other hand are more suited to you if you have a large family, a bigger budget and look to spend a lot of time at home. From our list of villas for sale in Calpe, you can see that most villas come with a pool, garden and outdoor entertainment area – perfect for those that love hosting people over the weekends.


Facilities such as shops and restaurants


Before moving anywhere in the world – you want to make sure that your new neighbourhood has got a good amount of shops, restaurants and other such amenities that are essential for your everyday lifestyle.

Calpe Online 24 gives us a comprehensive list of restaurants in the area that shows how visitors or locals are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out. There is a healthy array of shops that ensure you don’t need to go without your creature comforts and a thriving tourist population sets the precedent for decent health care systems and entertainment options like bars and festivals.




Moving abroad with kids can be particularly tricky and you need to make sure that there are schooling systems in place that your children can move into with as little problems as possible.

Younger kids have the opportunity to move to local schools, interact with Spanish children their own age and learn the language as they go. However, moving your kids to a local school at an older age is difficult as they won’t pick up the language as easily and may struggle in class or to make friends. Thus you have to make sure that wherever you move has a healthy contingent of international schools to choose from.

This Good Schools Guide has created this list of the most popular international schools in the greater Costa Blanca area, many of which are just a short distance from Calpe.


Family-friendly activities and clubs


When looking at property for sale in Calpe, be sure to remember their proximity to family friendly clubs and activities. Obviously being close to the beach is a huge advantage for those with kids that love to run and swim (it’s also not too bad for those adults looking for a tan) but the beach shouldn’t be your only consideration and other activities such as sports clubs, art classes, dancing and other activities that your family enjoy doing should also be looked at.

Luckily Calpe has a whole heap of these delightful clubs and activities to offer your children, as well as your spouse. Yoga classes, art classes, soccer clubs and zumba lessons are just some of the awesome activities on offer for children in Calpe.

Moving abroad with the family can be exciting and the perfect opportunity for family bonding; moving with a family can also be scary and a little bit nerve-wracking and therefore it’s imperative that you do your research before you pack your bags and move your family to a foreign country. Spain is an excellent place to have a second property and the reasonable prices of property for sale in Calpe make it an incredibly attractive prospect. If you are looking to move your family abroad and you like the sound of a warm, outdoor lifestyle on the beaches of the Med, then have a look at our portfolio of property for sale in Calpe something is guaranteed to catch your eye.



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