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Family breaks that won't break the bank

According to a report published by the Family Holiday Association, half of Britons say that family holidays are their happiest memories, and the places they visited in their childhoods retain a special place in their lives many years on


But, nobody wants to break the bank when it comes to making happy family memories, and let’s be honest, family breaks mostly don’t come cheap. However, with the right planning – in advance – and knowing where the best value for money destinations are, creating childhood holiday memories for your kids can become a regular occurrence.

There are thousands of destinations available depending on your tastes; from long-haul exotic destinations and beautiful beaches to adventure-packed family breaks. However, before deciding on your next travel destination, you may want to consider some of these important cost-saving tips:


  • Few holiday destinations are at their best or cheapest during the peak times of July and August, so rather opt for October and February, or even Christmas and Easter, when the kids are on short school breaks, and travel is more affordable.
  • Consider joining holiday groups organised by tour operators where families are able to vacation and even tour together – these are a great way for your children (and you) to make friends – because you’ll save with the group booking.
  • By planning in advance and taking advantage of lower taxes on long-haul travel (now that children under the age of 12 have been exempted and the highest tax bands rationalised) it is possible to reach your desired destinations without having to skimp on the holiday fun.
  • Consider purchasing a property at your favorite holiday spot – one that you know your family will keep returning to. This way you will no longer need to worry about accommodation expenses.

Aside from these cost-cutting measures, you should choose destinations that offer value-for-money when compared to similar destinations. Here are three family breaks that are the more economical choice in each of their categories.


These people love their family breaks


Beach break: Take a Spanish siesta


Low-cost meals, drinks and accommodation are some of the most important considerations for parents when choosing their family holiday destination. Affordable coastal resorts are just as important as the price of an international flight to get to the beach.

When it comes to getting the best value for money, for those looking to take a beach break the Spanish coastline has some of the most affordable resorts and holiday homes on the market. The beautiful beaches and tourist-friendly activities on offer in regions such as Costa Blanca will have you and your family coming back every year.

And if you’re going to visit frequently, your ‘ideal’ family break may be made a little cheaper by purchasing a property and thus eliminating the biggest holiday expense. This will allow you to ditch that costly resort in Calpe for one of the affordable Calpe apartments. And when not utilising them, tourists can just rent out their Calpe apartments for a profit. A win-win!


Long-haul: Bali on a budget


Recently ranked as the cheapest long-haul destination for Britons, Bali is one of the family breaks that offers it all for a great price. Popular the world over for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and stunning weather, Bali has a lot to offer younger visitors as well as those wanting to partake in the incredible sea-side activities with the whole family. There are many affordable Bali holiday packages to suit your specific tastes – all it take is a little research to uncover the best options.


Outdoor adventure: Kick it in Kenya


From game drives to beaches, if outdoor adventure is your thing, a great alternative to more costly wildlife safaris in South Africa is the East African country, Kenya. With shorter flight times (under nine hours) coupled with less populated resorts and hotels, holiday makers are able to enjoy the added bonus of game parks and beach resorts for a fraction of the price, no matter the season.

Why not consider purchasing a ‘home away from home’ in your favourite family vacation destination instead? With the option of renting out your property when you’re not around, owning one of our beautiful Calpe apartments can be a way to make a passive income, as well as family memories.



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