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Being Realistic About Investing Your Retirement Income: What You Need to Know

If you are a retiree looking to secure your financial future and retirement as early on as possible, then chances are that you are seeking advice and ideas on the best investment ideas and savings plans. There are literally hundreds of different options out there that will supplement your retirement income and assist you in getting the fund that you need to enjoy your retirement. The problem is choosing what plan is best suited for you.


In order to enjoy your golden years, you will need to have saved the right amount of money and have a solid retirement income. This can only be achieved through careful planning, strategies, advice, investments, and thinking about those that will come after you.

Here’s a tried and tested blueprint for retirement finance that will get your bank account where you need it to be for a comfortable retirement.


Have a plan


Many soon-to-be retirees are overwhelmed by the amount of saving that they still need to do, and often they feel completely unprepared for the years ahead without a full-time job. The best thing to ensure that you have your retirement income sorted out by the time you get there, is to have a solid plan.

The first step should be to start saving immediately – no matter your age – there is no point in starting next week, month, or year. Start putting money away right now. The next thing to do is to decide on your path (or paths) of investment that will suit you best. You should then learn how the investments work. The final step is to set up a figure in mind that you want to have before you retire.


Be realistic


It’s all well and good planning for a quiet retirement spent drinking tea and taking long walks, but the reality is that most people don’t slow down that much in their golden years. Active people generally join the golf or bowls club, or continue to go hiking. Adventure junkies will most likely spend most of their time travelling, and some people will also take on a part-time job.

When planning your retirement income, it’s essential that you are realistic about how you are going to spend your retirement and how much you are going to have to save to live the lifestyle that you would like.




Get advice


Retirement isn’t just something that you need to be prepared for financially, and as well as needing a good retirement income – you also need to be mentally prepared for your golden years. Before retirement, you should consult a psychologist or counsellor that will help your get ready for your retirement and help you work through any worries that you may have.

Having a financial advisor is also a great step to take on the way to a sound retirement – they will be able to assist you in making financial decisions that will work for you. It is also a good idea to have a support network of friends and family that you can rely on to get you through any problems that you might encounter.




This may seem like an obvious point, but when it comes to retirement income and investments – some just work better than others. This is often dependent on the individual and their needs, lifestyle, and expectations when going into retirement. The most popular investment options include (but are not limited to):


  1. Pensions plans
  2. Annuities
  3. Individual retirement accounts (IRAs)
  4. Stocks and bonds
  5. Tangible assets like property



Think about your legacy


If you have heirs that you are planning on leaving money or property to, then you need to think about it far in advance. There are a couple of things that you need to sort out to ensure that you don’t leave a mess for those inheriting your assets.

You should evaluate your assets and split them into your will. Set up any trusts that you need, do it in the form of an IRA, or one of the simplest ways is to invest in property that you can leave for your loved ones.

Knowing the best plan of action to take to reach your goal of retirement income is just the start of a sound investment process. We recommend downloading our guide, The Ultimate Blueprint for Retirement Finance, to get to understand the best plan of action, your investment options, tax implications, and other factors that will have an impact on your retirement funds. If you are looking into investing into a tangible asset, then definitely take a look at foreign real estate like our property for sale in Costa Blanca



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