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Becoming a parent has never been easier with our Guide!

‘Financial Guide for New Parents’ is the definitive document to prepare you for the arrival of the new member of your family. Download and read it now


Are you and your partner about to become parents? Congratulations! You’re about to take one the most important steps in your life as a couple. Taking this step is going to bring you so much joy, but also a lot of responsibilities, among which will include your finances. You’re going from being two to three, and that comes with an increase in spending. Planning and money management are going to become fundamental for you over the next few months… well, years rather.

Insurance, pension plans, and savings are just some of the topics that you might not have given a second thought about up until now, but once your bundle of joy arrives they will become more and more important. So we here at Seanest have developed a guide where you can find everything you need to know about this new chapter of life: the ‘Financial Guide for New Parents’.




What will you find inside this guide? From advice on how to optimise your budget to tips on how to plan your expenses after your baby is born, as well as recommendations on how to get great life insurance and how to invest your money and save for retirement. These can be difficult questions to answer when you don’t know much about them, but you should take them into account if you want to have comfortable future.

That’s the reason we created this guide: to help you. So grab your computer, tablet or smartphone, relax on your couch and download our ’Financial Guide for New parents'. Prepare yourself for an intense but interesting read that will open your eyes to new perspectives that you haven’t even thought about yet. And if you have an doubts, don’t worry. Seanest is here to help. Get in touch and we will be delighted to assist you.


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