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Adventurous things to do in retirement

The word retirement often conjures up images of elderly individuals drinking tea around a fire, taking a slow cruise or walking their dogs in the bleak and chilly moors, but for most people retirement is often the opposite of these things




Retirement offers an opportunity for people to do the things that they have always wanted to do but simply haven’t had the time between work and family commitments.

There is a huge array of things to do in retirement that will appeal to those that are more adventurous and young at heart or for those who simply refuse to let the word “retirement” dictate that they stick to activities designed for the elderly. There is a whole world out there just waiting to be discovered, a host of adventures to be had and millions of inspiring people to meet.

Moving to a foreign country, taking a sailing trip, road-tripping, volunteering and dozens of other activities frequently make it onto the list for top things to do in retirement. Here are our favourite adventurous activities to do once the work clock has stopped permanently and you have all the time in the world to do crazy and exciting things.




One of the most rewarding things to get into in retirement is volunteering, and while it is great to pop down to the local animal shelter or old age home and help out – another great idea is to volunteer somewhere overseas.

Work with abused elephants in Thailand, help out at the Red Cross Hospital in Mozambique or work with orphaned and injured wildlife in South Africa. There are hundreds of excellent volunteer opportunities out there for retirees and by helping out you are not just assisting the establishment – you are also allowing yourself to grow by feeling like you are needed, learning about new cultures and creatures, and by being a mentor to those who follow after you.

Projects Abroad offers great opportunities for older people to volunteer their time and expertise in foreign countries.


Learn to sail and take a sailing trip


Cruise ships have always been the go-to for retirees, and while they can be pleasant, they aren’t exactly thrilling. A step up in the excitement department (not to mention a chance to learn a new skill) is to take a course in sailing. If you love the sea and you love boating then this is the perfect activity for you to take part in; not only is sailing fun – it also opens a whole bunch of doors to wonderful adventures and things to do in retirement.

After learning how to sail you can rent or buy a yacht and sail wherever your heart desires. Sailing trips can be anything from a calm waterway in the incredible lake district to a short crossing to France, or something huge like a sailing trip around Asia or even the world. These are some of the best sailing trips to take part in are covered by this Lonely Planet article. Shape up and ship out, matey!


Take an epic road trip


There is nothing quite as tempting as an epic road trip. Hundreds of movies have been made, songs sung and books written about trips across country with best friends, lovers, families and strangers. Retirement is the perfect time to plan and complete an absolutely awesome road trip with some of your favourite people. This is one of the best and most popular things to do in retirement.

There is the choice of staying in hotels, motels or even camping in some places that you stop, but one of the best ideas is to buy a camper van — that way your transport acts as your accommodation too.

From Route 66 in the USA, the Great Ocean Road in Australia and the Cape To Cairo route across Africa, there are some utterly amazing road trips to take. This article from National Geographic showcases some of the best road trips from around the world. Delay no longer – fill up the tank, put on your best road trip playlist and hit the road for an epic adventure.


Move to a foreign country


There’s nothing that will get you out of your comfort zone quite like moving to a foreign country, especially one where English is not the native language. Moving to another country has tons of advantages: you can choose somewhere with warm weather and beaches, you can learn a new language, meet new and interesting people and discover a different and exciting landscape and culture.

Moving abroad is much easier than you think, and most countries have a retirement visa scheme and tax laws that make it simpler to move and live there as a retiree rather than as a worker. Moving to a foreign country is a daring and exciting option compared to many other things to do in retirement, but it is also one that broadens your mind and gives you experiences you would never have got at home. The Telegraph use this article to showcase some of the best foreign countries to retire in.

If you are thinking that a move abroad is exactly what you might need in your retirement, then Spain should certainly be one of the first places that you look at. Crystal clear Mediterranean waters, sunshine, fine dining and delightful wine, as well as incredibly reasonable property prices make Spain a wise choice for retirement. If the Spanish lifestyle appeals to you, contact us for more information on the country and to see our amazing array of villas in Calpe that are up for sale.


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